Saini Family Cruise

This is our first cruise with the Saini family. Josh and I have been on 11 cruises by now and it’s the first time for my parents and my brother’s family. It’s 8 of us all together and we are off to the Bahamas to celebrate my dad’s 70th birthday. Dad didn’t want a party so we figured we will spend time together with him instead as a family (wife, 4 kids (including Josh and Upasana), and two grandkids).

Josh and I usually spend a few days together with the parents when we go back home for a family vacation so this will be a nice change. We are hoping for good weather so the Saini family’s first cruise is a good experience and we do this again.

Cruising Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL)

This is our 5th cruise on NCL and based on the number of days we have spent onboard a NCL ship (28 days) that makes us a silver member going to gold upon completion of this cruise. Silver membership comes with some perks like free champagne in our room, discounts in the shops onboard, free WiFi minutes with purchase etc.

We have been on the following ships before: Sun, Pearl, Jewel (2 times). All the past ships were similar class ships and had similar accommodations. Pearl and Jewel seemed more alike than the Sun so come to think of it that might be a different class. Breakaway is bigger and falls under the same class as Getaway.

Cruising a Big Ship

This is our first time on a big ship including all the non-NCL ships we have been on. We usually cruise on a ship half the size of Norwegian Breakaway and they usually have about 2000 passengers and about 1000 crew. Our ship this week will have about 4000 passengers and about 2000 crew. Bigger ship hopefully will mean more activities for the entire family including the 3 and 5 year old grandkids who we are hoping will enjoy the free onboard splash academy so their parents can relax.

Josh and I are looking forward to experiencing some new restaurants and bars along with new quiet spaces to read and just RELAX without connectivity to the real world. I will do a follow up blog post with all the fun activities we do after the cruise with a link to our Instagram photo gallery so check back later for more and let us know if you have any cruise questions by leaving a comment.

We need more sleep. Hoping the red wine will help us pass out on our plane ride to Philly.See you in a week real life!